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1.3 High Grade Stigmas

High Grade Stigma

There’s a massive update over the horizon for this summer.

One of them is the new stigma system.

As you can see in the picture, the stigma slots will be changed and include couple more slots for the upcoming new grade stigmas.

While these high grade stigmas will have steep requirements, they will be powerful enough to worth the cost. Combined with the existing stigmas, they’ll make the game more dynamic.

Let’s learn about these high grade stigmas.

[picture here]


High grade stigmas are special stigmas only socketable in separate slots.

[same picture here again]

For example, in order to equip ‘A’ high grade stigma, you’ll have to have ‘B’ and ‘C’ regular stigmas already equipped.

The devs said there will also be high grade stigmas that require other high grade stigmas already equipped in order to be used.

Ultimately, this update will give u 3 more stigma sockets. Since you can still socket regular stigmas in these ‘special’ slots, you’ll be able to equip a total of 8 stigmas, even if you never get to have one of those high grade stigmas.

How to get them

Around 10 new stigmas will be added for each class (not just high grade, some new regulars as well)

There are two ways of acquiring these stigmas.

  1. Low chance world drop
  2. abyss points

Most of you will be looking at the 2nd option. Unfortunately, it is unknown who will be selling them and how you’d be using the points to get them

You also have to complete a quest to unlock the 3 extra sockets for the high grade sitgmas. The details regarding the quest have not been revealed.

New Stigmas, New play styles

Every class wil be able to enjoy two distinctive play depending on what stigmas they choose. For example Templars can either go for maximum aggro / high defense or improved attack ower.

Therefore, each player will have to carefully choose what stigmas that they want to go for, as your gameplay and strategies will change accordingly.


  1. Improved skill use and damage for spears
  2. Improveed skill use and damage for dual wield


  1. Improved defense/threat generation- maximizing your tanking abilities
  2. Debuff / offensive spells – PvP specialization


  1. Improved burst damage – now you can literally 1 shot people
  2. Improved burst with several debuffs!


  1. Improved movement – guerilla style!
  2. Improved long range attacks / damage – Sniper!


  1. Improved CCs and more defensive spells – improve your survivability in mass pvp
  2. Improved burst spell damage


  1. More PvP skills for your Spirit
  2. Stronger debuffs and dots


  1. More aoe healing spells and improved threat reducing abilities
  2. Improved offensive spells/quick recovery heals


  1. Improved melee skills for improved PvE and PvP
  2. Improved buffs and aoe recovery spells

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June 19, 2009 at 12:47 am

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