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Aion Classes Overview 1.2

Everything here is based on Korean 1.2 Aion.


  • The best end game PvP class – has no real issues dealing with any other class except other Templars. (AionChosun tournament made that pretty obvious)
  • 3 instant cast defensive cooldowns (1min 30s of invincibility if you pop them all in a row) + 4k DP instant full health will keep you alive in any situation
  • Currently #1 on future nerf list


  • [Ankle Snare– Immobilizes a target within a 25m radius for 10 sec and decreases its Dodge by 1000.] is your signature skill. It is the only root-type skill in Aion that cannot be removed by potions.
  • No shield, No stealth – something to keep in mind. you aren’t exactly the tank or the top dps. you’re also a MELEE


  • [Frenzy I -increase movement by 20%] is a toggle.
  • Infinite stealth – Stealth cooldown starts ticking as soon as you enter stealth, not AFTER you exit stealth
  • 1Burst – You can kill almost any class with 1 swift chain of skills. (or leave them near death) If they don’t die, just run away with your speed-stealth again-go for it one more time or just escape.  But remember- your fragile. Don’t go around headbutting things.
  • widely recognized as the fastest leveler. (Korea’s first max level in each update was an assassin every time)
  • The most popular class in Aion. Expect your gear to be expensive.


  • Kiting is your friend – maintain 25m with your target at all times. a lot of the skills that other classes have to cc/slow you down have 20m range.
  • Notorious as the most annoying class to run into in field PvP. A good ranger never lets his target get within range.
  • widely recognized as the slowest leveler


  • probably the worst class to be at 1.2 – magic resist sets will leave you pulling your hair out. Assassins can kill u before you can say ‘help’ over vent and trust me, there’s a LOT of assassins in Aion.
  • all of your roots and ccs can be cured with a pot
  • at beginning zones, you’re a kill stealing machine
  • highest mortality rate


  • utility class – You are most definitely not on the top of PvP chain, but you’re just such a useful tool to have in group PvP. being able to remove buffs is HUGE
  • strip them naked – debuff everything! high grade scrolls cost money while your mana doesn’t. Remove templars’ armor cooldowns and watch them cry as they can no longer tank 10 people at once.
  • Your [Wing Root] strikes terror into your enemies’ hearts in aerial combat.
  • great class to solo with. because having a pet to level with is awesome


  • You’ll find yourself next to sorcerers pulling your hair out. Magic resistance sets make your attacks useless, but using them also makes you strong against other sorcerers/clerics/SMs and even assassins (some of their skills count as spells and can be resisted)
  • Not as strong as we saw them as in 1.0 or 1.1
  • Scarce – you’ll find yourself getting spammed with whispers and friend requests


  • a big difference between clerics/chanters = chanters are melee. clerics are casters
  • buffs are nice now – speed buffs provide a nice edge over everyone else
  • preferred over clerics in end game PvE as Cleric’s high heals become redundant when everyone is super geared.
  • Scarce – you’ll find yourself getting spammed with whispers and friend requests

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