Elliot in aion, A BLog

I am so in Aion.

an Epic tale of elliot

Written By LaSirene

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This is the tale of the Hero elliot.

Oh, poor poor elliot. His only desire was to translate the choicest of Korean Aion threads and post them here, on this lowly fansite filled with newbs, elitists and fanbois. Or so the hero elliot perceived.

But look! On yonder horizon! Dark clouds loom and an ominous feeling descends upon the humble forums.

Some people, much in a rage, took up their pitchforks. To dear elliot, they seethed, ‘You only bring bitter news to us, let you speak no more lest your words cause our joyous hope to wither in our hearts!’

‘Nay!’, cried our hero, ‘Nay! I only seek to help and inform!’ Many more arose to defend elliot, claiming him a dear and brave soul, of kind and generous heart.

‘This man only seeks to inform us! He only picks the best for our eyes and translates them with a tender touch!’ said the defenders, ‘Praise him, for he is wholesome and good!’

‘Be it only so and we would have no qualms!’ cried the pitchfork-wielding folk, now dubbed ‘fanboys’ in a derogatory manner not befitting a hero. ‘Alas! He only brings us bad news and spins the tale to be far worse than it is! He brings evil to our humble forums! Hang the messenger!’ they cried and brandished their pitchforks!

And the defenders and ‘fanboys’ did battle, flaming and spitting, name-calling and hissing with much drama all around! Terrible, was it, the cries of the sorrowful admin, Mark, who could only watch upon the slaughter and remember the peaceful times.

Finally, the great hero elliot, which many said was no hero at all, arose from the dramatic mess in much ego maniacal glory, proclaiming with a slight squeak in his voice, ‘Heathens! You, who gainsay me shall no longer benefit from my translations! Only the worthy may be informed!

With a flash of his cape he was gone into the mists of the dark and mysterious internet, leading his noble, but battered defenders away. The fanboys growled and hissed, some laying down their pitchforks to survey the mess that their beloved forums had become.

Locked threads were abundant. Deleted posts less so, but still all was much troubling. For one man all this destruction was wrought.

‘Was it worth it?’ they muttered to themselves as they turned away.

‘Was it truly worth it?’

Written by elliot

January 1, 2009 at 9:35 pm

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