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Aion Classes Overview 1.2

Everything here is based on Korean 1.2 Aion.


  • The best end game PvP class – has no real issues dealing with any other class except other Templars. (AionChosun tournament made that pretty obvious)
  • 3 instant cast defensive cooldowns (1min 30s of invincibility if you pop them all in a row) + 4k DP instant full health will keep you alive in any situation
  • Currently #1 on future nerf list


  • [Ankle Snare– Immobilizes a target within a 25m radius for 10 sec and decreases its Dodge by 1000.] is your signature skill. It is the only root-type skill in Aion that cannot be removed by potions.
  • No shield, No stealth – something to keep in mind. you aren’t exactly the tank or the top dps. you’re also a MELEE


  • [Frenzy I -increase movement by 20%] is a toggle.
  • Infinite stealth – Stealth cooldown starts ticking as soon as you enter stealth, not AFTER you exit stealth
  • 1Burst – You can kill almost any class with 1 swift chain of skills. (or leave them near death) If they don’t die, just run away with your speed-stealth again-go for it one more time or just escape.  But remember- your fragile. Don’t go around headbutting things.
  • widely recognized as the fastest leveler. (Korea’s first max level in each update was an assassin every time)
  • The most popular class in Aion. Expect your gear to be expensive.


  • Kiting is your friend – maintain 25m with your target at all times. a lot of the skills that other classes have to cc/slow you down have 20m range.
  • Notorious as the most annoying class to run into in field PvP. A good ranger never lets his target get within range.
  • widely recognized as the slowest leveler


  • probably the worst class to be at 1.2 – magic resist sets will leave you pulling your hair out. Assassins can kill u before you can say ‘help’ over vent and trust me, there’s a LOT of assassins in Aion.
  • all of your roots and ccs can be cured with a pot
  • at beginning zones, you’re a kill stealing machine
  • highest mortality rate


  • utility class – You are most definitely not on the top of PvP chain, but you’re just such a useful tool to have in group PvP. being able to remove buffs is HUGE
  • strip them naked – debuff everything! high grade scrolls cost money while your mana doesn’t. Remove templars’ armor cooldowns and watch them cry as they can no longer tank 10 people at once.
  • Your [Wing Root] strikes terror into your enemies’ hearts in aerial combat.
  • great class to solo with. because having a pet to level with is awesome


  • You’ll find yourself next to sorcerers pulling your hair out. Magic resistance sets make your attacks useless, but using them also makes you strong against other sorcerers/clerics/SMs and even assassins (some of their skills count as spells and can be resisted)
  • Not as strong as we saw them as in 1.0 or 1.1
  • Scarce – you’ll find yourself getting spammed with whispers and friend requests


  • a big difference between clerics/chanters = chanters are melee. clerics are casters
  • buffs are nice now – speed buffs provide a nice edge over everyone else
  • preferred over clerics in end game PvE as Cleric’s high heals become redundant when everyone is super geared.
  • Scarce – you’ll find yourself getting spammed with whispers and friend requests

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June 16, 2009 at 4:31 pm

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So First NA beta starts tomorrow.

According to a somewhat reliable source, the beta servers will open at 3 pm EST tomorrow. I’m sure everyone is anxious to finally try Aion =]

I want to tell you some quick tips before you guys jump in there head on.

-If you want to be a Templar, pick Elyos- they have 3 sec longer stun than Asmodian Templars

-Do not play gladiator unless you want to be like Druids in early years of WoW or Glads in L2 C3- sighing and QQing about your class for years.

-Take your time with character creation screen. Aion gives you so much freedom when it comes to what your character looks like. As of today, there’s no plastic surgery in Aion. Take your time now so you don’t regret later :P

-If you’re going Ranger, then make sure to buy spare Space Bar keys for your keyboard.Yes, you’re going to be jumpshotting. No, NCsoft does not plan to fix it.

-Clerics OPness was patched. Don’t expect the level of OPness you read from my old translations.

-Sleep a lot in advance so you don’t have to sleep during beta weekend :D

Lastly I have a spare (pre-order)beta key to give out. Leave a comment wih a really bad joke if you’d like to get it :P The worst joke gets my gift

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June 5, 2009 at 2:03 am

Aion VS WoW, A Conclusion

Really long post :D you’ve been warned.


It seems like this is the hot topic in Aionsource these days. An ex-WoW player tries Aion, gives his opinion in comparison with WoW… because.. well because he played WoW? One of the best ways for us to understand something new is to look at it in comparison with something that we already know.

While the actual review in debate had some bias leaning toward WoW, I think it represents the eyes of a big majority that’s going to be hopping from WoW to try out a new MMO. When we’re talking about within Aionsource, it’s probably of little value other than to just create brainless flaming- inducing our beloved community into an ugly Kindergartner shouting match arena. However, when we’re looking at the MMO community as whole, Aion / WoW comparison is ‘important’ for a lot of people. And I’m going to end that argument right now for you guys; you can’t compare Aion and WoW- NOT because WoW had 2 expansions, but because they are two very different games with different gameplay goals in mind.

I played Lineage 1 and Lineage 2 in my earlier years before moving onto WoW, which I ended up playing for half a year before I quit and came back here. I had three 80s (druid, warlock, DK) with epic flight on all of them. I ran a little raiding guild and had my share of Naxx and Ulduar. With a modest ‘Challenger’ title on my lock, I think I had experienced a fair share of its PvP too.

If there’s one thing I can tell you about WoW, is that WoW is a PvE oriented game. A vast majority of top ladder PvPers in WoW are also involved in serious raiding guilds. This is not just because you need the some gear from PvE to PvP, but because there’s only so much time you can really spend on WoW PvP. Of course, this will differ on each players’ playstyle; casual or hardcore, but ultimately, WoW has far more PvE content than PvP content.

Battlegrounds feel very lackluster and boring because of the fixed maps and unlimited respawns. A lack of consequence for your death results in somewhat lack of a thrill in PvP. Why should I put in my best efforts when I can respawn right back in 30 seconds? This contrasted sharply with L2, where a death meant evaporation of an hr worth of experience depending on your level, or even a loss of your gear. Everytime there was PvP in L2, it made you go full-alert mode. Every kill also felt a lot better because you know you really hurt the other guy :P that little sadist inside you approves.

Arenas provided a setting for players to battle with best of their abilities at the stake of their Ratings. While arenas truly tested your mastery of your class, it also lacked the ‘random PvP thrills’ of field PvP and L1 and L2 had.

WoW definitely had the race/class diversity. I mean each class had 3 talent trees :P Although the talents usually were marked for a specific role(heal, tank, dps), each player had freedom to make their character talent unique. (Before anyone gets tempted to point out how wrong I am here, when I quit, warlocks had 5 different PvE specs with different skill rotations that could pull 4k+ dps)WoW classes are fairly balanced. I mean there’s always going to be some class that’s a little stronger than others at something, but balancing is a never-ending homework for devs. Nothing game breaking so far.  But sometimes, people prefer simplicity, rather than spending hrs and weeks trying to figure out the best spec :P I know Kiyumi does.

Raiding was probably the biggest content WoW had. Blizzard truely deserves praise for the amount of effort that they put into designing instances. Let’s just say WoW raids require a smart group of players with a plan. As an Ex-L2 player I had never experienced dynamic PvE encounters.  It was always smack and heal with NCsoft games. L2 raids involved nothing more than everyone standing on the same spot pushing 2~3 buttons for hours. The bigger the boss, the longer you had to push buttons with a lot more people. (a first kill of Antharas in L2 took 800 players and 14 hrs) A lot of hardcore WoW players will tell you WoW raiding is mind numbing, but then they probably never experienced L2 raiding. The problem with this is that after your 19th adventure into Naxxramas, you start to experience Nausea at the very sight of it. PvE encounters are programmed. They are always the same and will get boring after a while, and when the major content of a game is static, people get bored pretty quick.

A lot of ex-WoW players wil tell you that there’s nothing to do other than just sitting around in town in WoW. This is indeed the case after a while. You hit 80. You do some raids. Get decked out. You’re sick of the same instance over and over so you try some pvp. You farm honor religiously to get some PvP gear, do some arena, and find yourself sitting in town running in circles. Time for an alt? Do I really feel like doing the same quests I did from 1-80 again? Maybe yes for the 2nd time or the 3rd time or even 4th, but eventually you get sick of it. It took me only a week to lvl a toon from 1 to 80.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my time in WoW and every penny I spent on it was worth it. I also have nothing but praise for Blizzard’s excellent customer service. After dealing with NCsoft answering machines for years, I was amazed to meet a GM that actually did things for me like ‘recovering accidently spent tokens’. While WoW was great, it also burnt out pretty quick.

WoW achieved something that most other MMOs failed to do. It managed to appeal to the vast majority of the players; the casuals. I still remember what this one player told me on my first week of WoW; “In WoW, you’re never forced to do anything you don’t want to do.”  If you like lvling solo, then there’s the thousands of quests for you to do from 1 to 80. If you’re into grouping then hey! these quests also support group questing and tens of instances that cover every level. Don’t like field PvP? then try out PvE server! With 10 million subscribers worldwide, no one can deny Blizzard’s success.

NCsoft is not trying to mimic Blizzard’s success. It never did. NCsoft is still walking its own path. This is why WoW cannot be directly compared with Aion. NCsoft found its own style of games with L1 and L2 and Aion carries over a lot of distinct characteristics from them; grindy lvling, simplistic PvP with thrill, and most important of all; an infinite possibility on each and every player. In WoW, no matter how much time you put into the game or are good at it, you’ll never ever be the ‘hero’. Even in lore, you’ll always find yourself following a true hero’s footsteps; even doing ‘quests’ that involve aiding a faction that is bigger than yourself. However, in L1, or in L2, if you put in more effort in than everyone else, more passion than everyone else, then you’ll find yourself as a hero that WoW didn’t let you become. You’ll come to realize that the concept ‘survival of the fittest’ is more prominent in Aion than WoW.

However, such ideas in L1 and L2 didn’t fit the majority of NA audience. NCsoft did put alot of thought into this. This is why they made so many beginning quests for 1~20. (also to prevent another fail L2 review where the review couldn’t get past lvl 5 :P) NCsoft tried to find the just the right amount of harsh reality. The grind in Aion is definately much less than grind in L1 and L2. NCsoft is hoping to replace experience loss factor with AP gain and losses.

My god look at the time :P I think I wrote too much without organizing them first =[ Anyway, if you couldn’t hit 80 in WoW, then you’ll probably fail miserably in Aion. If you hated Lineage2, then you’ll hate Aion too. But if you’re exhaused from WoW like me and is looking to play something different or even fresh, then Aion is for you. (or just a really shallow person who’ll be happy at staring at hot characters)

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June 4, 2009 at 1:53 am

Bots in Aion Part 2: Into the Abyss

Today, NCsoft announced a patch for Jan 7 when they’ll add the Penalty system to the Bot Report button. As of Jan 7, characters that receive multiple (they didn’t say how many) reports will experience decreased xp/item drop rate.

The Announcement

While many welcomed this new measure against botting, most players are quite unimpressed. Why? This can be answered by asking the L2 players, as Lineage 2 has almost identical system. Did it stop botting? The answer is No.

To me, this just seems like another half-assed announcement  just to keep people from rioting. It seems like they’re just stalling for time until people just give up and accept bots as part of game — like in Lineage 2 and Lineage 1.

In order to come up with a solution, first we have to understand the issue. Before people start throwing out random opinions, let me clarify a few things. I’m going to be using WoW and Lineage 2 for comparisons, so if you’re not comfortable with WoW comparisons, then stop reading now.

Botting issues in a game have always been because of 2 reasons: faulty game management and/or high need of game currency. If a game company doesn’t care, cheaters will always cheat regardless of how easy a game is or how unnecessary it is. If a game has an extreme demand for money, like in Lineage 2, people are going to feel the need to bot and ebay. Although many L2 players complain about those things, I doubt they really want NCsoft to crack down on bots or currency trading, as it’ll make the game practically impossible to play.

Aion currently has a bit of both with slighty more emphasis on the first. NCsoft can definitely do better. There’s really no need for talk about gameguard/code or whatever. The bots Koreans use are hardware-based, meaning they are USB drives that you plug into your computer, and they basically press the keyboard/mouse for you.

Like this one

Like this one

Just 3 GMs per server specialized in bot catching will probably lead to bot-free servers in matter of days. GMs aren’t paid a lot to begin with, and if it’s really about money, I’m pretty sure a lot of people reading this blog are probably more than eager to do it for free. The problem here is that NCsoft doesn’t really know what is good for them in the long run. From a company’s point of view, legit players and botters alike are paying customers. We have to realize that by asking a company to ban bots, we are asking them to give up profit. Botters and gold farmers often hold more than one account, meaning they do pay a lot more than legit players do (comparing 1 botter to 1 legit player). In Aion’s case, botters and farmers actually pay a LOT more than legit players do (1 botter vs 1 legit player), because of the whole 1month300hrs system, meaning u can only play up to 300 hours in a month. If you want to play more, you have to pay the subscription fee again, meaning botters and farmers are not just holding multiple accounts, they are also paying double subscription. Also, someone from my L2 days once said, “Unlike players, bot don’t whine, bitch on forums. They faithfully pay the subs and play the game without complaint.” While NCsoft has to think about legit players leaving, they are also wondering if the number of legit players they gain from a bot-free game is greater than profit gained from botters. At this point, I’m wondering if NCsoft really lacks self-faith to know that their game has far more potential than they think.

While Aion doesn’t have an insane economy like Lineage 2 does, it does place some sense of need in markets. When I say need, I mean the need to go out of your way to earn money. For example, in WoW, there’s very little sense of need among the general population. You do not need to buy stuff in wow so you can play the game. Almost every gear has to be acquired through manual game play. The things you can buy with gold mostly go under the ‘want’ category. Aion PvP is similar to L2 PvP in a sense that you are going to be spamming consumables. In Lineage 2, players call it the CP-spam fights with bsoe escapes. In Aion, it’s HP pot spam fights with flight time potion escapes. The fact that Cleric’s Voice of Destruction can only be removed with a High grade HP pot makes it a crucial item for PvPers. While in the early days it might be debatable as to whether or not avoiding abyss point loss is really worth the pot money, it’ll become more and more clear at endgame when high rank players can lose thousands of points from death. Believe me, those people are definitely going to be spamming pots, and when your opponents start spamming pots, you’ll have to start spamming pots too.

While a lot of your gear will come from questing in the early days, the number of gear rewards decreases at higher levels. It comes down to the lvl 43 Unique weapon quest that takes seven days to complete. It means a lot of AH trading will take place. While it isn’t going to be as out there as Lineage 2, it won’t be like WoW where gear drops just go straight to ‘disenchanting’ (taking apart items for materials for Enchanting skill). Aion also has an enchanting system; a way of improving your gear by adding +s on it. While gear doesn’t evaporate upon failure like in Lineage 2, it does reset back to +0. Once again, when your opponents start coming to the battlefield with +10 gears, many will find themselves doing the same. Aion’s crafting is basically Lineage 2 enchanting system copy/pasted and renamed. The basic idea is this: every crafting has 10% chance to ‘crit’, meaning a chance to get to the next grade. For example, you have to make 100 regular grades in order to end up with 10 green grade items (if we’re strictly talking math). Note that you can end up with less or more. Anyhow, it actually comes down to where making a lvl 45 Unique weapon costs 100million Qinas (again, if we’re strictly going by %s, it could take more or less). That’s not even a fixed number. You could blow 100mil and not even end up with one, crafting is just rolling dice with materials. Crafted gears often come with attack speed increase stat, which was recently proved to be the best endgame setting for melees. Many endgame players will find themselves paying the big bucks for these weapons.

All that boils down to a simple question: how am I going to pay for that? which is generally where a lot of people turn to botting or ebaying rather than putting hours and hours into mindless grinding. Currently, Aion is a game with a gaming style that encourages botting and ebaying.

After looking at what I wrote, it does look rather grim. However, I still dare to have some hope. NCsoft has to have learned something from all those failures in NA/Europe. They do know what they’re doing in Korea, which is why they designed Aion like this. I’m not sure if anyone here knows but any game that opened in Korea that didn’t have L2-like design failed, including City of Heroes and Guild Wars (WoW being an exception). While Koreans complain about ebaying and bots, it seems like most of them enjoy having them(?)

I know that NCsoft knows that NA/Europe and Asian gamers have different styles. They still have few months ahead of them. I hope NCsoft will make the right choices in the future, and that NCWest will have the guts to fight the temptations of illegitimate profit.

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January 5, 2009 at 12:20 pm

Gladiators, Drop your spears!

A trend has been going around among gladiators recently. Although gladiators are able to wield many weapons as their ‘multi-tasking’ class description goes, almost all of their skills require a polearm to use. As more and more people saw the polearm as the main weapon of the gladiators, a few stood up saying otherwise, saying dual-wielding is actually more efficient than polearms.

This is the very post that popularized the dual-wield gladiator builds. I assume a lot of gladiator-wannabes here will find it informative.


Gladiators, Drop your spears!

Greetings, I’m a lvl 45 dual-wield glad from 카이시엘 server. If you have a different opinion, than please read what I’m going to say first before you start flaming.

There is a variety of weapons for a gladiator to choose from. We are probably the class with most equip-able weapons. Before I get on to my main points, let’s go over the characteristics of each weapon.

  • Dagger – one hand weapon with low attack power but with high speed(1.2) and critical rating(100)
  • Long sword – one hand weapon with average damage , speed(1.4), and critical rating(50)
  • Mace – one hand weapon with high damage, average speed(1.5), and low critical rating(10) Many comes with caster related stats
  • Two-handed sword – two hand weapon with very high damage. slow speed(2.4) high accuracy but low critical rating
  • Polearm – two hand weapon with highest damage and medium critical rating(50) but has slow speed(2.8) and low accuracy
  • Long bow – two hand weapon with ranged attacks. it’s not very efficient for a gladiator to use but its useful for chases

This is the basic picture.

What are the cons and pros of using the one-hand weapons?

  1. Dagger – Fast attack speed with high critical rating; low damage
  2. Long sword – medium everything
  3. Mace – High damage with medium speed and low critical rating

There’s not much to long sword, but something amazing happens if you use the dagger + mace combo.

You get the positive attributes of the daggers and maces combined.

In other words, you get the attack power of the mace combined with the high speed and critical rating of the dagger. It puts out so much damage that you basically become Aion’s top dpser. How much damage you get on polearms? I crit for over 4k on mobs.

What are the cons and pros of using the two-hand weapons?

  1. Two-handed sword – high damage and decent speed for a two hand weapon; its high accuracy makes it a nice 1:1 pvp weapon
  2. Polearm – very high damage and its knock down effect makes it a nice RvR weapon; however, its low critical rating is a minus

* You can often see polearm-glads losing to assassins in 1:1 because they can’t overcome assassins’ dodge rating. This is mostly because of their weapons’ low accuracy. While a polearm’s knock back is great for mass pvp, it loses its shine in 1:1s and PvE. For polearm-glads, they really can’t do much for their low accuracy except food/improvement stones.

Polearm is indeed a good weapon for RvR. It’s also the gladiator-only weapon so a lot of people go with the polearms, but I suggest that all of you forget about the polearms and try using other weapons.

Do not think ordinary and just go “only polearms are for glads.”‘

For example, most people thought staff was the best thing for chanters during beta, but then people realized mace + shield was actually better.

Read the points below and reconsider

♦Attack speed

Dual-wield glads (1.5) have almost twice the attack speed of polearm glads (2.8) If we are talking unique weapons with more stats, then the difference is much bigger.

Ex. For +20% atk speed stat, dual-wields get it as 40% while polearms get 20% (1.5 becomes 0.9 with 40% increase while 2.8 becomes 2.24 with 20% increase)

♦Attack power

  • Improvement stones – dual-wields get 8 slots to socket, while polearms only get 4
  • Stat increases – dual-wields get it applied double, while polearms get it only once

-We are talking unique-grade gear here.

I use 알루키나 set, which applies ( +19% atk speed / +48 phsycial crit / +241 mana / 4 socket improvements ) to my weapons.


for dual wield, I get +38% atk speed / +96 crit / +482 mana / 8 socket improvements

while for polearm I get, +19% atk speed / +48 phsycial crit / +241 mana / 4 socket improvements

♦Comparison In PvE

Test subject: 벨루스란 Draconewt Soldier

[Skill: Blade Explosion]

  • Dual-wield – highest crit 4,584
  • Polearm – highest crit 1,876 [+Knock down]

[Sigma Skill: Blade Shockwave]

  • Dual-wield – highest crit 5,184
  • Polearm – highest crit 2,042 [+Knock down]

♦Comparison In PvP

Test subject: Lvl 45 Templar

  • Dual-wield – 100% skill land rate, highest crit 1,700
  • Polearm – 90% skill land rate, highest crit 600 [+Knock down]

Test subject: Lvl 45 Assassin

  • Dual-wield – 100% skill land rate, highest crit 3,800
  • Polearm – 40% skill land rate, highest crit 1,400 [+Knock down]

Test subject: Lvl 45 Ranger

  • Dual-wield – 100% skill land rate, highest crit 3,950
  • Polearm – 30% skill land rae, highest crit 1,700 [+Knock down]

Test Subject: Lvl 45 Sorcerer

  • Dual-wield -100% skill land rate, highest crit 4,300
  • Polearm – 100% skill land rate, highest crit 2,750 [+Knock down]

Test Subject: Lvl 45 Cleric

  • Dual-wield – 100% skill land rate, highest crit 1,900
  • Polearm – 100% skill land rate, highest crit 750 [+Knock down]

* Note that there are lots of variables in PvP

Now think about it. Are you just gonna insist on polearm because class description says so or would you give change a chance? I’d like to recommend the latter.


Original Post

Elliot – It’s nice that gladiators are finding ways to improve themselves (dual-wield glads claim to get up to 3x damage output compared to polearm glads), but a question comes into my mind: Exactly how useless are the gladiator skills that NcSoft designed for them, that gladiators are choosing to spam regular attacks rather than using their skills? A lot of gladiators are actually annoyed by this movement, not because they don’t want to become stronger, but because if they improve themselves this way, they’ll never receive the needed buff patches on their skills. Also, the movement basically pissed off every class since gladiators are rolling on everything and worsened the gladiators’ reputation as the “Iteminator” (Half of the replies to the original thread consisted of other class people calling the gladiators item pigs)

A gladiator meets another gladiator in abyss. They just stand in the same spot, press attack button, and watch while pushing pot button with their left hand and their right hand fingers crossed for a crit. Is that the direction that Aion PvP is going at? That’s actually going back to Lineage 1 combat style. Is NCsoft doing a good job?

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January 2, 2009 at 9:15 pm

Here We Go Again

I hope you were all overloaded with presents :P Sadly, it’s been a very dark week for Aion this Christmas. Several more issues arose.

  • – Emergence of speed / melee damage increase hacks.
  • – Lack of game content
  • – Boring Abyss

The hacks were around for little more than a week. They just started becoming more obvious now. NCsoft hasn’t responded to these hacks yet. As for game content, there’s very little you can do once you reach 45. Basically, you grind to lvl 45, grind Temple of Flames about 100 times until you get your Unique weapon(disgusting drop rate they say) then you just gank people in Abyss all day. There’s several problems with abyss as well. As 하야덴 guy made front page on every single Aion fansites with his fancy transformation, people became more desperate to rank up their abyss rank, and in a game with broken class balance, its kind of hard to do for a lot of people, so they are turning to other methods; such as Fortress guard farming – which refers to people hanging around fortresses just to kill the guards around it. Fortress guards are regarded as special mobs and drop extra abyss points. Another thing with this is that it discourages people from participating in fortress seiges, as you’d need the other side to be in control of the fortress in order to farm the guards. Also, several people were seen farming points from each other. Oh and speaking of 하야덴, this is where this guy is right now.

Link to his armory

almost 1 million abyss points.  He now has 115k hp when he’s transformed. Combined with Cleric’s 2k DP skill that instantly heals 50% hp/mp, he’s basically invincible. He raked around 500 kills just today alone.

Link to a vid of him

Also, the damage of your aoe spells and reflection spells that you can use during transformation increases with your rank.

Aion is a funny game where top PvPer is a healer.

I really  have a problem with this ranking system. In order to get this transformation skill, you need to get to rank 5 lietanent, but as more and more people get to end game, there’s gonna be a lot of people with lot of points. The number limit to these ranks will lead to these top ranks being very competitive and hard to get. This means about 99% of you will never get to use that transformation. Note that there ‘s gonna be around 100 people on each side with these transformations. Judging by how 하야덴 is single handedly wiping the floor with Elyos, you can see how abyss is going to be like when there’s even 100 of them around. It’s going to be like one epic playground for the top 1% of the players, where those guardians AOE everyone else to death.

That’s only if both sides get to get enough high ranks, but what if one faction completely dominates the other? Say a group of hardcore PvP people move in to your server. They play/bot 24/7 their way up to 45 before anybody else. Then they start limiting access to the good abyss regions. What can you do if you’re on the losing team? Can you beat players with 115k hp? or even 200k+ if they’re commander in chief? (Note that a lvl 45 templar has 5.5k max hp other classes have even less) This rank system is a breeding ground for assholes to ruin the game for everyone. I don’t know if NCsoft prefers this type of game style like L2 where assholes rule or they’re a group of idiots.

If Aion grinding involved around Instanced dungeons, botting and assholes would matter less, but because NCsoft decided to take field PvE for Aion, they become HUGE issues. Bots are farming away at field raid spawns and wherever place drops decent loots. When players turn to abyss for botfree PvE, they are faced with 115k hp 햐야덴 monsters. Do you guys see what I’m trying to say?

Oh yes, and bots are still there, and they now grind in parties. I think its suffice to say, Aion dev team ruined Christmas for a lot of people.

Hey don’t lose  hope, at least we are not the ones paying for this game at this pitiful state.

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December 30, 2008 at 2:37 pm

New Cleric Uprising: Voice of Destruction

Saw this shot today. It’s basically system log of this 마티니 guy killing 15 guys at the same time with the Cleric DP skill [Voice of Destruction]. Apparently 3 more died after this shot was taken after trying to stay alive with pots.

[Voice of Destruction I] Lvl 40 Cleric DP Skill

Does single 753 fire damage to one target in 25m and up to 18 targets within 20m then 655 fire damage every 3 seconds for 57 seconds. Also reduces healing effect by 50%

Instant cast, 4,000 DP cost, 1 hr cooldown

That’s total of 13198 damage in 1 minute up to 19 people at the same time. A lvl 45 Templar has 5.5k hp. This is an insanely overpowered skill. As more and more clerics are hitting 40, this is becoming more and more obvious.

Well.. NCsoft loves healers.

Written by elliot

December 21, 2008 at 4:47 pm