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64,000 Lifetime Kills; Sorcerer 천족대표

While I was browsing over AionChosun PvP tournament primary round candidates, this one player caught my eye. A lot of you proabably already know that I play a sorcerer and this player in article today is also one himself.

천족대표 from 지켈server had not only over 60k lifetime kills, but he is also topping the Abyss point ranking chart out of every server.

I’m sure a lot of you sorcerer players and PvP fans would like to hear his story.

Lifetime kills - 64,702 Best Rank - Elyos 2Star Lieutenant

Lifetime kills - 64,702 Best Rank - Elyos 2Star Lieutenant

천족대표- Elyos Sorcerer; 지켈server

Q. Nice to meet you. Could you give us a brief introduction?

Hello, I’m playing a sorcerer in 지켈server fighting for the Elyos’ cause. I am hardcore PvP person and currently have around 60k lifetime kills. I’m have to go to the army soon =(

Q. Could you tell us something about sorcerers :D?

Well, its a class that has the hardest damage per attack. However, when faced with an enemy head on, you have a really hard time due to low HP and lack of Stuns. You’ll come to really depend on your gear to keep you alive.

On a positive note, we can kite pretty well with our instant cast spells. Plus, [Volcanic Explosion] that you learn at 50 is pretty epic whereever there’s big PvP.

Q. Congratulations on making it to the primaries for the tournament. A lot of people were doubting that any sorcerers would make it up. What are your thoughts?

My chance of winning against a  Templar/Assassin/etc with Magic resistance set is probably 30% or less. There was a lot of that going around when this tournament started.

I mean if we were allowed to fly then I’m sure my chance would definately improve, but on ground level my options are very limited.

The only reason I’m here is to win the price so I can help out the less fortunate :D I’m the less fortunate of course lol.

Q. Mind giving us a brief introduction of your team?

Everyone in my team is completely decked out with +10 weapons and abyss gear. Combined with all of our PvP experience, I’m sure we’ll beat anyone.

Then again I’m sure other teams are full of 1%s too, but since we’re here anyway we’ll do our best to win.

보스 – Lvl 50 Gladiator

돈없고이쁜년 – Lvl 50 Templar

천족대표 – Lvl 50 Sorcerer

프로 – lvl 50 Assassin (Anyone remembe him from my earlier translation?)

Q. Any particular team you think you’ll have trouble against?

I’m sure all of them are pretty good since they all made it this far. Just looking at Asmodian teams its probably the GT team. There’s that guy with resistance set in there so I’m afraid I”ll be useless there.

Q. Any particular worries or concerns you have?

Basically what all Sorcerers fear really; magic resistance set,  Templar’s DP armor skill, assassins’ evasion skills, midair restraint etc- all of this is very deadly to a sorcerer in a 1:1 situation. Just really not much I can do against those.

Against a full magic resistance set, I get a disheartening number of resists even if I go for full spell hit set. The amount of attack power that assassins give up are nothing compared to the amount of HP we lose by going for spell hit.

When a Templar pops his [Armor of Resistance; increases resistance to all schools of magic by 800], I basically have to run away for 30 seconds, which by the way, is impossible due to charge and Pull, especially in a small area like the arena.

Also, Assassins with [Speed contract; increases attack speed by 20% for 30s] are way too overpowered. I often find myself getting floored before I could even pop my magic shield.

However, regardless of what opponent, once you survive that intial burst, the things go in favor of the sorcerer. This is my primary tactic in PvP; figuring out ways for me to survive that intial burst.

Q. Any complaints about the tournament?

I find it regrettable that we’re holding a tournament with broken PvP balance. I hope this opportunity comes again at a later time; when things are hopefully more balanced.

I also found it hard to communicate with the tournament manager. It was temporary but it took really long.

Q. You recently came in 1st place for weekly abyss point ranking. Any personal tips you could share with us?

I have over 2000 spell power with +23% damage bonus. I just go around spamming my AoE spells against clustered enemies in seiges.

I try to use use [카이시넬의 진노; a DP spell that does 2.5k fire damage to a target and up to 5 targets near the inital target] on every cooldown. I learn where the enemies are first, Pop my [강화의 은혜; a sstigma pell that increases spellpower by 500 for 15 seconds], and just bomb the hell out of them.

In mass pvp, don’t get hotheaded and take risks. Just try to do some damage on high rank players. As long as you did some damage, you’ll receive points when that player dies to something else. I made use of this tactic a lot.

Q. Anything change you’d like to see for Aion?

Buff Sorcerers please! We definately need some balance between magic resistance and spell hit.

When a fight starts, its not practical to stand there casting unless no one is targetting me. I hope NCsoft gives us something to make use of these 2s cast spells.

Q. Anything you want to say to the Sorcerer players?

While we often find ourselves dying before we could even try our skill, we are the ‘1 massive burst’ class.Don’t give up! and keep trying =] We’ll see light eventually.


This article is from aion.gamechosun.co.kr. You can see the original post here.

Written by elliot

June 8, 2009 at 4:55 am

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  1. Hmm how come the dont have a healer in their team?


    June 8, 2009 at 11:07 am

  2. it’s 1v1 duels :o not 3 v 3 at the same time


    June 8, 2009 at 11:17 am

  3. Oh, I see.
    Thanks for the quick answer.


    June 8, 2009 at 11:36 am

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