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170k Abyss Points per Day! Interview with Ranger 야유

Here’s a short translation for you guys to read. Feels like my job is nearly coming to an end with NA Aion closing in =] I did this in like 30 mins so if there’s typos or general impossible to understand sentences, that’s too bad.

Inven.co.kr now prevents me from taking their pictures. Use the link below to visit the original post if you want to see pretty pictures :P

note – 천부장 set refers to lvl 50 end game stuffs that only the truly-without-life can purchase with Abyss points. You can look at them and drool with half envy and half pity here.

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A question for all of you rangers out there, and everyone else who pvps in Abyss!

“What brings you to Abyss?”

Most players would say- ‘the excitement of PvP and RvR’  or ‘So I can buy full 천부장 armor set!!!’ etc. I’m sure each person has his/her own goals.

Today, we’re going to meet a ranger with a real goal, a player worthy of the being called ‘1%’ or even ‘0.1%’

It’s probably no problem for that man to buy anything he wants. The dude who solo-pvped from rank9 soldier to rank1 soldier on a single day with 170k AP; all done on live on his video stream channel. The next day, he does it again with another 170k AP and becomes 2star lieutenant.

Now, he’s sitting with whopping 530k AP as a 5star lieutenant with guardian transformation, aiming to buy 천부장 longbow, a weapon that costs 614,800 AP to buy. His name is 아유, an Elyos ranger from 유스티엘server.

A Link to his Armory

Q. We heard you are Chuck Norris. Could you give us a little introduction?

My name is 아유. I’m 21 yrs old and I live in 부산. I currently play in 유스티엘 server on Elyos side. and I run a Legion named ‘Freelancer’

We were formed under socializing purposes and nowadays we spend most our time on abyss.

Q. Whats the secret to having 7k hits on your character stat page?

I recently upgraded my computer and did a live stream for about 3 days. I called it the ‘Lets go Lieutenant’ project, where I showed how to survive in Abyss and bits of Ranger pvp. I guess people liked it a lot. Seemed like only people from my server was looking but now it seems like I get about 500 hits a day.

Q. So why are you not spending your points at 5star Lieutenant rank?

I’m actually saving for the longbow. Why..? I guess I just want to be stronger. I want to buy that bow, get it to +10 and win more. I needed a new goal to work on.

I’m at 530k now and have 80k more to go!

Q. We hear you work alone. Any particular reason?

I think almost everyone nowdays go around in groups, but I don’t think Rangers fit very well in group pvp setting. Besides, whenever there’s big pvp, the person with highest rank gets focused. It is in my best interest to not die since I’m saving for that bow.

Q. How much AP do you lose when you die at 5star Lieutenant? How are you maintaining that rank

Don’t die basically. lol

After 400k I killed a 3rank soldier and only got 350 pts. If I die I lose 5,000 AP. I thought that was lame. At this state, anyone would feel extremely pressured to stay alive. Also past 3rank soldier, everyone has a bit of PvP backbone, so it starts to get a little harder.

I’m forced to resort to repetitive quests.

After 4star Lieut its probably the safest and the fastest way to go.

Q. I’m sure everyone is dying to get their hands on your secret to AP farming

As you go up in rank, you’ll notice the pvp style changes drastically.

The way they travel, the aggressiveness, and all that stuff varies depending on the guy’s rank.

*Rank9 Soldier~ Rank1 Soldier – Rambo mode

You have nothing to fear. PIck the most croweded places to run around in. This is probably the best moments of your Aion pvp career. I didn’t run unless it went past 3v1.

I started off as Rank1 soldier and got to 2star Lieut in a day. I think I earned 169,296 there. I live streamed the whole thing.

*1star Lieut ~ 3star Lieut – A little more conservative. Guerilla time

Once you get that star, you start to change your style to guerilla warfare.

You know, hide by a frequently used roads and ambush or lure high rank players so you can fight them 1v1 some where else. If someone keeps chasing you, then keep running.

*4star Lieut – Now – Opportunist

Never. Ever. Strike unless you feel that you ahve 100% chance of winning. 95% isn’t good enough. The risk isn’t worth it.

Most AP you get at this level is from quests. I think I’m getting around 10k~30k per day now.

Q. Any personal tips to Abyss pvp?

It’s important to be a good player, but its also important to know your enemy. Armoy them on the homepage and learn the pvp styles of frequently fought enemies.

The game itself isn’t that complicated.

I think experience just really pays off.

Also, make use of your surroundings. In order to pull off a 2v1 or 3v1, you need to learn how to use the environment. For example, when people are chasing you, and you go through a building, its most likely that they’ll be spread out. Create that perfect timing for you to strike.

Lastly, don’t stop after reaching maximum flight speed increase. If you go beyond, you’ll find your flight speed increased in stealth as well. Every second counts.

Q. What was the hardest thing to deal with?

When I told my members that I was going for the 천부장 bow, I was told it’ll be extremely difficult to maintain that point level. Yes, it is hard but whats even more hard for me is the fact that I have to avoid all those PvP that I could’ve enjoyed. I got hotheaded for a moment today and ran out for some action and died twice.

I’d love to get that bow, but I really hate how the rank system limits you in pvp.

Q. So you’re a guardian now. How’s that as a Ranger?

Haha. well my character is female and looks a lot different from the ones you’ve seen. It sort of looks weaker.

It costs 3k AP to buy the seed required for the transformation, so it isn’t exactly used for regular occasions, as you have that burden on your back to earn more than 3k AP when you use it.

Most people probably only use it for seiges. It’s not that different from other class guardians. 80k hp. 160k mp. 10 minutes of awesomeness?

Supposedly there’s a 50% damage increase, but I don’t know. I didn’t feel that it was that much different from Lycan morph. I could floor a Templar with divine armor on when I’m a Lycan if i get a little lucky with crits, but as a Guardian its like even if that templar charges at me I can kill him without breaking a sweat.

Q. What are you gonna do after you get that bow?

There’s still tons of accessories and armor pieces that I need to buy. I think I’ll take my time and enjoy the PvP at that point.


This Article is from (http://aion.inven.co.kr). [See Original Post]

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May 31, 2009 at 5:35 am

back again

I’m back :O for those who, for some reason, still visits this blog even tho last post was dated… yea..

I went to take a look at korean forums, and found it just as how I left it. It’s as if I was never gone. NCsoft rox.

Looks like Aionsource went through a bigger change than Aion did while I was gone. Looks like there’s some conspiracy theorycrafting going on now. Well, people need something to do than just waiting after 2 years right?

Anyway, I think it’s just how its going to be with NCsoft games. You hate almost everything about the game if you take the time to think about it. You hate how NCsoft never listens to its players. You’ll complain again and again, but at the end, you’ll still be on it for some reason. Maybe its that pretty asmo girl wearing tights that makes you come back for more.

Looks like Aionsource is giving away beta keys. Lets see if I can get one eh :O?

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May 30, 2009 at 12:33 am

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