Elliot in aion, A BLog

I am so in Aion.

Lvl 35 Cleric Solos a Lvl 35 5man Instance, Temple of Flames

First Screenshot

He first did it at lvl 35. That Templar you see in party was just to enter the instance (need 2 people minimum) When he posted this and people went “wow video or it never happened”, he did it again at lvl 37 and actually posted a frap.

Video Here

54k views, 400 comments. fairly epic post

This is almost as ridiculous as if ret pallies were able to solo heroics.

This is a 4~6 man instance.

Don’t get me started on class balance.

ps – Sorry about the initial typo, I didn’t catch it on OP

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January 13, 2009 at 12:02 am

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