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Sorcerers and Spiritmasters? What High Lvls Think

It’s been a month since Aion launched.

The debate about class balance is still going on as we speak.

What do high levels think about their classes? since they are the ones who spent the most time with the class

Today, let’s take a look at what high lvls have to say about their strengths and weaknesses, and their likes and dislikes.

Sorcerer Interview

To find out more about Sorcerers, I’ve interviewd 묘령[Lvl42] from 지켈 server (A) and ???[Lvl 44] who asked not to show his name (B).

Q. What are some of the strengths of a sorcerer?

A – Strong burst damage, and many CCs

B – Great solo and strong dps

Q. What are some of the weaknesses?

A – Well.. we do have low hp.. I think that’s about it.

B – It’d be the tiny hp. I am not sure about others but its kind of difficult to pvp with tiny max hp. Then again, I can balance it out somewhat so I can’t really say if its weakness.

Q. Give us a short review of Sorcerer

A – There’s really nothing that sorcerers lack compared to other classes. We are a popular class.

B – Well, I could say that there could be some improvements but I am generally satisfied. If you are a solo kind of guy, I’d recommend sorcerer. I am not sure about what will happen in future patches, but for now, its satisfactory.

Q. Classes that you have hard time fighting?

A – Assassins. If I don’t have steel barrier up before they ambush, I am pretty much dead.

B – Assassins and Rangers. Rangers especially. Silence arrows are pretty frightening since you can’t really do much when you can’t use any of your skills.

Q. Most envious class : )?

A – Because of the whole low hp thing, I’d say templars

B-  Templars. If I’m thinking party play, massive def/hp is really envious.

Q. “Sorcerer needs to be changed this way”?

A – I don’t really feel like we need any improvements. I guess we sort of do lack AoE spells, but I’m fine as of now. I almost feel like we deserve to be nerfed a little.

B – We really lack AoE spells. I do hope that they add more AoEs

Q. Any particular recommended spells for other sorcerers?

A – Well almost all spells are useful in a way, but in solo, [Ice Chain] is the best. [Ice Chain] -> [Frost Shock] is the best combo in solo. It slows the enemy, and frost shock knocks them back. I think it even stuns them a little.

B – I almost use all spells but I think I use [Mid-Air Root] the most. Whether is PvP or PvE, [Mid-Air Root] -> [Flame Shot] 3~4x is almost a guaranteed kill.

Q. Any personal strategy that you’d like to share?

A – I play the game based on party play. I try to find the weakest mobs in lvling areas and try to best place to grind in. I can say that my group found that (area name here) first in my server.

B – Personally, I like to use the max spellpower set. Some people like to invest in more hp, but I like to think “Kill it before it comes near“. That’s about it.

SpiritMaster Interview

To find out more about SpiritMasters, I’ve interviewed ???[Lvl 41] from 지켈 server and 니코로빈[Lvl 42] from 첸가룽 server.

Q. Strengths of SpiritMaster?

A – Great solo. When I say great solo, I am not talking about fast killing but rather like slow/steady solo. I never have to stop if i take mp pots with me.

B – Good solo and good pvp on ground I think

Q. Weaknesses of SpiritMaster?

A – Can’t find parties. Just have to be a solo wolf all the way. Even if you get in a party, you always have to worry about getting kicked any second. I also think this has to do with L2 image of summoners carrying over to this game.

B – We really lack any skills to contribute to a party.. No one really looks for a spiritmaster. And the fact that summons can’t fly in Abyss really is a problem.

Q. Give us a short review of SpiritMaster

A – Only play it if you like solo. Personally, I think SpiritMasters are the best class for solo.

B – There’s really lot of unhappy SpiritMasters out there, but I think it really depends on the person. Just try to find your style / setting. It isn’t a char like sorcerer where every player wins, but it can be become something good if you play it right.

Q. A class that you have trouble fighting?

A – Rangers. If we are talking templar or gladiator, I can prettymuch kite them but you can’t really kite a ranged class. On melees, I just use [Chain of Earth] to slow people and [Scream of the Soul] if they come near. Doesn’t really seem to work on a ranger.

B – Assassins and Rangers. Rangers have that silence arrow and Assassins have magic dodge.. SpiritMasters are almost as weak as Sorcerers, so we can pretty much die in seconds if someone gets the chance.

Q. Most envious class?

A – I’d have to say Sorcerers.. We both have low hps but Sorcerers are not lacking in any other areas. I really envy their burst damage.

B – Well, I’m quite content with my char but I guess it’d be Sorcerers. For Sorcerers, the extra levels they gain makes them so much stronger and they get large bonus from whatever gear they use. Our summons don’t get effected by our gear at all, and skills don’t change much in higher levels.

Q. “SpiritMasters need to be changed this way!”?

A – Summons need to be able to fly in abyss! Pretty ridiculous that summons can’t fly when they are what make us what we are. I’d also like our gear to impact our summons more. For example, higher spellpower makes summon skills stronger.. Lastly, raids or elite mobs should get buffs that must be removed in order for smoother party play.. so our debuffs have some kind of use.

B – First, it’d be great if our gear made some kind of difference for our summons. Most summoners today don’t even bother upgrading their gear. And use of summons in abyss should be improved.. summoners should be able to use their summon.

Q. Any recommended spellss for other SpiritMasters?

A. Just learn it all. For PvP, Fear spells are particularly useful. I think spirits do more damage on feared targets too.

B. Uh.. not really sure what spells in particular are the best, but I think [Exploding Claw] that u get at lvl 40 is pretty good. Most spells we have aren’t really meant for PvE efficiency it seems.

Q. Any tips?

A – SpiritMasters really burn through mana, so make sure you always carry MP potions. It’s kind of expensive to buy from vendors so try to get alchemy and make them yourself. Lastly, when you are grinding, pick a place with mobs that are strong but weak in defense. It’s always the spirits that are tanking, so try to use that wisely.

B – There’s 4 types of summons and not one of them are really best at everything, so try to figure out which one is best at which fight. There’s better skill rotation for each summon too. For example, since water spirit is ranged, try to level as if you are a sorcerer, kill them before they get near. For earth spirits or fire spirits, make them tank. Wind spirits are the fastest so use those for PvP. Oh and if you boost your spellpower, your DoT spell damage goes up, so try to use SP set for pve. HP set seems to be best for PvP.

Same class. Same opinions!

I was somewhat surprised as I was doing these interviews.

Even though different people played the class, each person stated almost identical things about the class.

Thoese people weren’t the only people I interviewed either.

Almost all sorcerers stated low hp as the weakness while stating templar as the most envious class. And said lack of AoE was their weak point.

Most SpiritMasters described their class as the best soloers while stating it was hard to find parties. Most envious class also turned out to be sorcerer.

Lastly, Sorcerers and SpiritMasters alike stated Assassins and Rangers as their most formidable opponents, proving that scout types are indeed strong against casters.

Anyhow, there’s no perfect class in a game.

Isn’t it a part of the game to play the strengths of a class while trying to overcome its weaknesses?


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December 19, 2008 at 9:00 am

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  1. one month and 44 lvl huh? pretty high. Lvl cap is set at 45 right? So – wots next? :)
    Sorc is fine it seems (maybe even too deadly), and Spiritmaster – pve beast… but lonely wolf. Maybe debuffs should be the key.
    So far I don’t like poor chanter’s buffs and low damage output of rangers (still)


    December 19, 2008 at 5:03 pm

  2. Thanks for that. I really need those informations. Im gonna be SM and i like play solo.


    December 19, 2008 at 7:14 pm

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