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12/10/08 Patch Notes


1. Since abyss is a constant danger zone (The 2 minutes in-and-1-shotted-by-sorc-zone as someone from korean forums like to call it), we’ve increased the amount of xp for abyss mobs.

2. Increased drop rate for rare items (greens) for mobs past lvl 30

3. Fixed the bug where asmodians could acquire elyo only patterns in “Baluse” region treasure chests

4. Lowered item drop rate for weak group mobs

5. Names of certain monsters were changed

6. Fixed typos

[Temple of the Flames]

1. It can only be entered once every 30 minutes.

– The countdown till next possible entrance starts upon entering

– Resets upon entrance after 30 minutes

– This timer is shared among players that entered together

2. Unique items can be acquired from boss monsters other than the final boss

3. New Unique items added to drop list


1. Increased prices of consumables in abyss shop

– Low grade hp / mana pot : 50 AP -> 100 AP

– Med grade hp / mana pot : 100 AP -> 150 AP

– High grade hp / mana pot : 150 AP -> 200 AP

2. Lowered prices of Items (Wep/armor/accessories) in abyss shop

3. You will no longer be booted from the game from prolonged afk period when you are performing a “create all” for crafting

4. Changed name of an item

5. Changed Asmodian gathering proficiency requirements for following areas

-Chi-ko-ri : 170 -> 190

-Heisia : 190 -> 170

6. Fixed the issue where item icon did not match with the item name

7. Fixed the “same name” divine stones

8. Changed sound effect for soulbind animation (for items)

9. Changed colors for items lvl30~50


1. Fixed combo bug using macro


1. Templar’s “Pull” skill now genrates more aggro

2. Ranger’s skills will now start auto-attack (1Jump 3Skills -> 1Jump 1Skill now. Without skill motion that is. Based on reports from ranger players who tried it after patch)

– auto attack will stop if Ranger uses Sleep arrow or trap arrow that releases target upon attack

3. Increased damage of skills “Snipe I / Trap Arrow I / Volley I” that Rangers learn at lvl 10~16 (Aka, Lvl 10~16 Rangers are more powerful!)

4. Ranger’s stigma of “Cutting Escape(?)” is now useable with bow equipped

5. Increased Ranger’s Aerial Volley skill speed (Non-factor patch. Damage too lame to begin with)

6. Increased Chanter’s “Aura of Spellpower” effect of spell power increase and added “chance to hit” effect to that same aura

7. Changed description of Chanter’s “Aura of Brilliance” to “mp regeneration every 6 seconds..”

8. Spiritmaster’s “Something of Revenge” effect now applies for “fire/water/wind/earth aura” skills


1. Added rewards to certain infiltration quests

2. When ‘Elenen and Morehein’ armor reward quests are done in a party, quest item looting method is now changed from ‘Party loot’ to ‘personal’

3. Quest item for ‘Sataloka’s Heart’ quest does not disappear if the player fails the quest

4. The letter quest that arrives at lvl 30 is now “un-abandonable”

5. Fixed monster name and kill count for ‘kill undead’ quest

6. Fixed quests that were either improperly explained or impossible to progress


1. Fixed sell button bug

2. The right click info from chat logs does not close anymore when camera is moved

3. Fixed places where players would get stuck

4. Fixed ungather-able ores in ‘Interodeca’ region

5. Added WoW’s item comparison system (Place cursor on item info and it’ll show your equipped item info next to it)

6. Fixed the bug where special letters in macros would disappear upon logging

7. Fixed login screen pop up bug

8. Fixed wrong system message bug when a player tries to friendadd when his friendlist is full

9. Changed /targetassist macro command to /assisttarget’starget

10. Fixed incorrect tips shown on loading screen

11. Fixed “walk through walls” bug

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