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Why Rangers Keep Turning to Exploits

Since Macro bug was found and patched, two more bugs emerged.

One was “Autorun Motion cancel”, a slightly more complicated version of the initial bug, and “Jumpshot Combo bug”, which allowed combos to be used in an order that broke the game design rules.

Both of these bugs were useable by all classes, but the class that benefited the most by using them were the Rangers. First people to find these bugs were also the Rangers.

Rangers were always involved in recent bugs related to skill use. The class that suffered the most from the fixes were also the Rangers.

Why are Rangers so closely involved with bugs and exploits?

A Ranger’s lifeline -“Jumpshot”, and “Motion Cancel Macro”

Anyone who played Ranger to med/high levels probably asked about the uses of “Jumpshot” or tried using it.

Due to their skill motion being so long, Rangers always tried to find ways to make them shorter. One of them was jumping and timing their skill to fire right when they jump. Through this jumpshot, Rangers were able to somewhat make up for their slow skill motions.

However, this technique came with the hassle of constantly spamming the spacebar and timing the skills right, which led many Ranger players to complain.

In midst of all this mess, came the “Motion Cancel Macro”. By simply copy/pasting a macro, you could use not 3 skills(max for jumpshot), you could even spam up to 8 skills a once. To Rangers, this was a rain in midst of a massive drought.

(See the original post link for demonstration video)

Sadly for Rangers, this macro was patched just few days after its emergence, with an announcement from the NCsoft calling it a bug.

However, acknowledging that this bug was indeed overpowered for many, most Rangers accepted the patch without complaint.

However, it planted a seed for a universal discontent among Rangers.

Jumpshot, Is it a bug or a game design?

After the motion cancel macro was patched, people began debating the legitimacy of Jumpshot.

While NCsoft stated jumpshot as a part of game design, most people argued that jumpshot basically has a same concept as macro exploit; a bug.

Jumpshot is a game design?

Ok.. Do rangers shoot with their feet?

I am guessing you had that in mind but forgot to give it the right skill motion

You probably should’ve acknowledged it as a bug from the beginning. It would’ve been less embarrassing that way for you

Wasn’t macro motion cancel basically the same thing as jumpshot?

Shouldn’t you people think about removing jumpshot and buffing our damage?

or even cutting the cool downs in half..

“I played a lot of MMOs in my life, but I never seen a game where you shoot with your feet.”

“Am I playing some rhythmic dance action game? Do I have dance in the right beat to kill things?”

“Why patch Motion cancel macro and say Jumpshot isn’t a bug?”

“Acknowledge jumpshot as a bug and fix it, and come up with a real way of balancing Rangers”

Then even more bugs emerged

Autorun command came to replace Itempick in macro bug arena, and jumpshot got patched so that you could even use combo skills out of order.

If you look at them closely, they may look different, but they are same.

The jumpshot combo bug is done by creating a jump macro, and autorun maco motion cancel is done by using autorun macro. Combo bug can also be done by using autorun macro.

(See Video in Original Post)

In conclusion, these bugs both originated from Jumpshot’s motion cancel.

Wouldn’t players be even more annoyed if autorun macro also get labeled as a bug and get patched?

-Patched on 12/5/08

Rangers Unite! We don’t wanna Jump!

Jumpshot, macro whatever. Take it all out!

Are we supposed to be Bug-rangers? Just patch it all and give us something real. Sorcs get that 4k damage boom. I’m fine if it has 4 second casting, just give us something that does real damage.

Do it now. Rangers are supposed to be sniping the targets from far. what the hell is this toothpick tickle shots

Take it all out, and do your dam job and balance classes

Why do rangers have to use something knowing that its a bug?

Super long skill motion. Even though we are supposed to be a range class, we get caught up so easily because we have to stand there for hours when we shoot. Yet, we do not get high damage despite the long skill casts.

It may look like a mere whine.

But as a ranged class, Rangers have low defense, and long skill casts really deliver a critical blow.

Our damage output is embarrassing to be called a dps.

This is why Rangers are forced to turn to exploits like jumpshots.

For how long do we have to keep jumping?


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December 7, 2008 at 12:00 pm

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