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Runaway Brides! Why Clerics Avoid Party

Recently, a Solo trend started spreading among Clerics.

Due to a flawed aggro system and massive heal aggros, many Clerics are saying NO to party play.

You can often see parties desperately looking for clerics

You can often see parties desperately looking for clerics

When an MMO should be about people coming together to play, Aion seems to be encouraging solo grind gamestyle. This is going to create a barrier that will prevent a lot of people from fully enjoying this game.

Role of a Cleric

Clerics are commonly referred by most MMOs as healers, a support class designed for party play. It was common for players to find it easier to level healers through parties rather than solo.

Of course, Aion isn’t going to press the same play style to players like other games offered.

However, if you actually play a Cleric yourself, you’ll find that the Cleric playstyle is very different from what NCsoft told you.

The following description was found in PowerBook guide for Clerics at Aion Offical Homepage,

A cleric will show its true shine in a party. Because its a class designed for a party rather than solo, it will be in player’s interest to stick to parties.

This class is designed to provide heal support for tanks and dps, provide CC, and extra dps if necessary. It can also use its resurrection spells to immediately restore fallen comrades back to life, making them a crucial part of a successful pvp group.

What is making Clerics suffer so much?

According to the description above, a cleric should be at its best in a party. However, according to players playing Cleric in retail (including myself), 1. aggro system needs to be patched.

Exp recovery fees..

Exp recovery fees..

Difficulties that Clerics face in a Party

1. Extra aggros by Party members

– CCed monsters still build up aggro meter on healers. If awaken by some aoe skills, (Gladiators main cause) they go straight to smacking the cleric, which leads to deaths.

2. When DPS out-damages a tank’s ability to keep aggro

– Most commonly faced challenge. DPS starts getting whacked, Cleric heals dps, mob whacks Cleric

3. A party that dumps all healing responsibilities on a single Cleric

– This is when a party consists of 1templar+1cleric and rest all assassin/sorc. When one tank can’t keep all aggros on himself and dps starts getting whacked

4. A party that relies on CC rather than a second tank

– a second tank is very important for a party. Heal aggro stacks up record high for CCed mobs, they almost always go straight for the healer as soon as the CC timer ends

5. When secondary healer (chanter) doesn’t heal and tries to DPS

– When people wanna play safe for an instance, they take chanter as the secondary healer. However, what always ends up happening is; chanter throws useless buffs and pretends like a dps -> cleric gets aggroed at some point -> can’t heal everyone and somebody dies -> everybody dies

6. Exp recovery fees piling up endlessly

– Deaths caused by above reasons compile to be a massive bill for a cleric to pay. This number 1 reason why clerics quit. Lack of consideration for this financial issue by parties(when Clerics always die more than anyone else in party play) is also a reason why Clerics don’t join parties.

One of the complaint posts made by another Cleric

Hello everyone, a ****ed off noob cleric here

Are you all familiar with Dark Claw quest?

Most of you probably are. I went with a party, shield drops -> everyone lets the templar have it, if they get some trash item that they can spare, they give them to me as if its some kind of charity event.

(Total trash = leather, black claw shattered armor peices)

That party consisted of 5; 2clerics/1templar/1assassin/1glad

I didn’t get a single item until we got to the mid point. I think about 6 items got dropped? Templar/glad piggy ****s ate them all.

It was 6 to begin with. When that one guy left, no body said much and when I tried to leave, they all *****ed at me like wow

No matter how hard you try, you always end up not getting anything and lose money. Why should I stay with total shitheads when there’s plenty out there begging for me to come?

If there’s another cleric in party, they really treat me like ****.

Oh yea and when we killed the tribe boss, one blue dropped and I won that in roll.

Then party leader goes “gimme”

He complains about how he didn’t get anything good all day. LOL?

Entrance>Barracks>Huts>Forest>Boss. I healed the **** out of everyone to get here and not even a thanks and now you are telling me to give you the only drop I got?

Shield goes to templar, mail goes to assassins, robes goes to sorc, so I get to keep the trash? Don’t you know who jus thealed you and rezzed you all the way here?

Don’t get me wrong, but clerics have the most mp issues out of all other casters. I don’t know about sorcs, but clerics have to spam heals constantly.

It’s not an attack, its heals. Don’t you people understand how you got to get those elite exp, and items without even popping a pot?

Doesn’t matter how amazing you are, a party doesn’t work without a cleric

If people keep treating us like this, no one is gonna play cleric.

Then it’ll get even harder to find clerics for parties

Honestly, a lot of clerics are ****ed off these days

should I just quit and play sorc?

Yea sorc may be kinda hard till lvl 30, but then you just own abyss like no other

Killer damage. can floor almost everyone. Melees are just target practice

Compared to that clerics don’t have high m atk, no high defense, no high hp; we just have heals

W T F?

What the hell are we supposed to do?

Parties are ****. Abyss is ****. Soloing is boring as ****

If any NCsoft dev sees this post, you need to patch something real fast.

It sucks way too much at this rate

Oh yea and to other classes

Seriously, I really see lot of morons here

Don’t think “oh clerics should be grateful because they can’t solo and I am lvling them.” It’s easy to kill because there’s a cleric in party.

What can you do without us? Just die like *****es and solo? Can you get good items without parties?

You have to go for elite mobs to get anything. No cleric in elite zone = die. You guys really should be grateful if u get one in party.

What? dun need clerics like me? Lol if I go lfg, there tons that want me

Clerics, if you run into shitheads like I did, just leave that party. there’s tons of other ones that want us.

As you can see, there’s lot of problems other than the 6 I mentioned, like item conflicts with other classes. The system is breeding conflicts and discouraging party plays.

Such system is discouraging a class thats crucial in advanced game contents like raids/party quests/pvp. This is going to result in a barrier that harms the game experience for everyone.

What clerics are turning to, Solo and 1:1

What they tried to find in a party play, the clerics didn’t get it. Instead, they faced countless number of deaths, massive exp recovery fees. At the end, many found comfort in a solo grind.

You can solo with ease with spellpower stones

You can solo with ease with spellpower stones

As a class “designed for party”, you may find hardship and difficulties in the solo path, but watching that money slowly going up in your inventory with assurance that you don’t have to be broke anymore, you may find comfort. Still, you’ll run into lot of buff requests and receive frequent party invites.

no way..

no way..

When a party should be an easier path for clerics, it just ends up as something stressful, even a fear that sends a chill down your spine every time you see a party invite.

Duo with a gladiator = woot

Duo with a gladiator = woot

Duo isn’t too bad if you do it in an empty area with a glad that has an (itemnamehere – one of the extendeable weps)

A Cleric who found his answer in 1:1 Duos

I’m a lvl 25 clerc. If I go “Kaidan” with a party I get about 1.5k~20k exp per mob. The way I saw it, I can kill 5 in a solo in the time that takes a party to kill one of those things.

Just consider stress + prep time for party, it’s just better so solo. I recommend (areanamehere). The watchman here regens really fast in a clustered area.

If you hit them with (skillnamehere), you can pull just 1 at a time. If you party with a glad here, you can just sit here and kill non stop, which I found better than a full party.

Help gladiator kill, pull when the mob is about to die. I got about 1.5m exp in 1 hr with a lvl 25 glad.


Class: Cleric Playstyle: Solo

Cleric Strike In Progress!

Too many to lose as the backbone of the party

Currently, solo the way to go for clerics.

You can see many groups looking for a cleric in lfg channel, meanwhile, all clerics view parties as “stress” “bankruptcy”

Until Aion’s party play becomes something that everyone can enjoy, suffering of the clerics will continue.


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