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Party plz! Nobles and Peasants of Aion

Because of the great rewards and experience that Elite areas offer, almost everyone will try to group up at some point in Aion.

However, for some people, it seems like that party invite is just not gonna come no matter how long they wait in queue or shout. :cry:

Meanwhile, for some people, a party can be found within minutes if not seconds.

Today, I’d like to talk about “Noble” classes and “Peasant” classes of Aion.

Current role and status of each class in a Party

Not Enough Templars/Clerics to take, no I mean carry away

A successful party consists of “tank, dps, and heals”.

DPS is very easy to find. However, there’s no alternative to templar/cleric, so every party has to have one of each.

Supposedly gladiators and chanters can take their places, but its a known fact that they are very limited in their abilities.

Add the scarcity of players for templar/cleric to this formula and you end up with stuff like this on party chat all the time,

“Going Temple of Flames, LF Tank/Healer (4/6)”

Thats right. 2 out of 8 professions are must haves for a party. How about the other 6?

How about my class?

Gladiators – Mm.. So many yet so useless

Lower damage than an assassin, and lower defense than a templar. It’s quite unclear what Gladiators are supposed to do. Many find them an annoyance because they keep waking CCed mobs with their AoE combos.

Plus, many templars will not want a gladiator in party due to the fact that they’ll have to compete for plate drops.

Rangers – …. What’s a party?

The reason that rangers top #1 on least wanted chart is because of their [I]lame damage output[/I] despite them being labeled as dps. They are also #1 cause of overpull due to the fact they have to double click on a monster to attack (misclicks on other things)

Assassins – First come first serve

As a class always topping damage charts, every party will take one. However, due to an [B]overwhelming population[/B] of assassins, an assassin player will be hardpressed to find a spot.

Sorcerers = Dps? no problem. CC? no problem. Finding party? no problem (except in new servers)

A class with most abilities in game. There’s also fewer of them compared to assassins. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a party.

This is a class that I always take when I form parties as well.

Summoners – No parties to join, No role in one either

Despite their debuffing abilities, their low damage places them on most Unwanted list along with rangers. Lack of micromanagement functions on summons often lead to annihilation of the entire party in tight places like temple of flames.

Chanters – Need real buffs

Due to the lack of clerics, chanters don’t have too much trouble finding parties. Their buffs are nice to have but don’t make too big of a difference to count. They mostly just act as secondary healers.

Some people argue that they’d rather take another assassin over chanter buffs. (if they have cleric for heals)

Similar to Gladiators vs Templar situation, their loots also overlap with clerics.

For how long are you just gonna stare at party channel?

It’s true that many classes have trouble finding party. This doesn’t mean you have to shout “lfg” all day.

If you can’t find one, make one!

Specify which classes you need, and where you are going. If you are going for a specific quest, make sure to include that as well.

You’ll probably have no trouble filling the “DPS” department. For templars/clerics, you are probably not gonna find one by using lfg channel. Just try to whisper ones you can find on friend search list.

Search by using class name, and poke each one until one gives in. There could be people that wanted to join a party, but didn’t want to have lfg channel mess on their chat.

The party play that you always dreamed about

Start one yourself


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