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I am so in Aion.

12/3/08 Patch Notes


1. Fixed unnatural movement for short characters when they use the skill “Dash”

2. Fixed bug that prevented from death emote from showing when player died in middle of attack motion

3. Fixed Motion Cancel macro exploit


1. Lowered aggro amount from heal skills from lvl 1~30 for chanters and clerics

2. Increased bow skill speed for rangers

3. Hellfire’s chance to hit has been lowered


1. Fixed typos on some quest dialogues

2. Fixed the bug where training scarecrows would be moved when hit by assassin’s skill


1. Increased success rate for crafting

2. Fixed typo on a pattern for a helm

3. Increased item stack amount from 100 to 1000 per slot in inventory (herbs, ore, whatever etc)

4. Fixed the bug where stat increase from bravery scroll wouldn’t show on character stat screen

5. You can no longer use another polymorph item when you are polymorphed.


1. Increased experience gain from quests

2. Changed confusing monster names

3. Fixed some broken quests


1. Fixed the bug that prevented anyone from looting an item if no one in party rolled for it

2. You can now whisper a character by right clicking on the character’s name on the chat window

3. Fixed some terrains

4. Fixed some graphic bugs

[Known Issue]

1. There’s currently a bug that forces game to shut down when there’s 20 players in an force party and the co-force leader opens management window. This will be fixed in future patch.


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