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Bombs of the Abyss, Not Sorcerer, SorcKings

While other classes play an RPG, Sorcerer play a FPS?

The land where experience and stigma shards flow, Abyss

The place where you get everything you could possibly want; exp, items, stigma shards and abyss points.

However, most players are avoiding this sugar land and are turning their eyes to their racial areas or 5th regions.

This is because most of the time, you are the mob getting farmed.

One reporter who visited abyss for stigma shards once said,

… There’s Bombers flying around in Abyss

One at a time every 2 minutes


So called bombers are referring to the class in hot debate, the Sorcerers.

The reason the Sorcerers are called the bombers is because of the Hellfire skill that they get at lvl 31.

Hellfire is basically a fireball that inflicts 1873 damage to the target.(at lvl 31)

This skill has 2 minutes delay but it doesn’t require any DP, meaning you can cast just about every 2 minutes.

Due to the 4 second cast, its not useable in every situation. However, in abyss, you can basically fly over to someon’e head, and bomb them from above without being seen.

Due to my own mage not being high lvl enough to learn hellfire, I decided to borrow a lvl 31 mage from a friend for a test run.

The mage I borrowed for the day had +519 spellpower, which is only +119 higher from the base stat at lvl 31; a very ordinary mage.

Basically, you fly high up at first, look around for targets, and go over them and start off by casting Hellfire.

Long cast but if you use it from above..

They won't know what hit em

Hellfire not only does large initial damage, but it also casts a DOT effect in the area. If you root the target after hellfire, he’ll continue to take damage from DoT hellfire.

If the target still isn’t dead by now, you can use Frost Chain and Frost shock as following combo, which slows them, stuns, and knocks them back at the same time. Then you can finish them off by using the mage DP skill which does about the same damage as Hellfire.

Also, instant cast spells can be used without facing the target. If the target is somehow chasing you, you can run while damaging them with Burn. When the target takes enough damage and tries to run away, you can root them and go in for finishing kill.

Winter Root, which is a skill that renders the target immobile for 15 seconds, was useable during flight, basically making it a win button against melees.

Hellfire isn’t the only problem. OP Crowd Control spells

Your magic resistance increases when you are slept or polymorphed. However, most mages are fully aware of this and will use something like frost chain (slows you down) and then use real nukes. In conclusion, the magic resistance increase during CC status is basically meaningless.

Frost chain, then boom

The sorcerer’s CC spells can be used in various ways. One of them is to keep using them on the target during flight, which will eventually lead to your target running out of flight time and plummeting to their death.

If you die from this method, you’ll not only lose abyss points, you’ll also lose exp and money.

Bye Bye

Bye Bye

Using winter root, which does not release the target upon damage like WoW roots, can be used to kill melees with ease.

Assassins are nothing to fear in abyss

Assassins are nothing to fear in abyss

However, I had hard time fighting other Sorcerers, Summoners, and Assassins on the ground.

Classes that Sorcerer has hard time fighting if attacked first

Other Sorcerers – Whoever lands sleep/morph first will win

Summoners – Their dot spells ignore mage armor spell. THeir summons are also hard to fight on ground.

Rangers – If you get slapped with silence arrow, well.. GG

Assassins – They’ll can get close immediately using Ambush if fighting on foot. Could get owned from chain stun combos and crits.

Other classes that are not mentioned are very very easy to kill. You could even play with them to death.

/Sleep /Dance

/Sleep /Dance

Some players suggested that if they even get a warning message when someone is casting will fix this problem. Some said that overall boost for all classes was necessary.

When the man comes around..

When the man comes around..

I find myself agreeing with the latter. I believe whats needed is not a mage nerf but boost in survival abilities for other classes.

Sorcerers may seem annoying if met in Abyss, but in PvE, they are one of the must have components for a successful party. That’s why I do not want to see Sorcerers facing the nerf hammer alone.


Original Post


아입온 – Now mages will come here to cry about their hardship in PvE. QQ starts now!

중풍지천 – Increase casting for all spells?

_;;; – CC self removal? Then sorcerers are nubs?

At least some classes get to score a hit or two. Warriors can’t do much. Just.. /charge and sigh

달빛의여신 – I’d really like an overall boost. seriously

DNK – Where are Sorcerer QQs? Please, I’d like to see some.

Lol? SorcKings? More like Sorc Gods

How about chanters? More like just noobs

br313 – This is not all. How about the combo slow thing that they get at lvl 37? ANd I got slapped by a sorc with 1100 SP for 3k damage.

폭탄바람– Nope. SorcGods

근성조 – QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Why isn’t anyone crying? Don’t they like to cry about PvE whenever one of these posts pop up?

몹성 – Gladiators are just mobs in Abyss..

아입온 – So I have better gear and skill than the sorc in front of me, but what the hell am i supposed to d when I am slowed and slept? Just stand there with my eyes glowing red?

3456345646 – In WoW, if you use CCs, the target regenerates HP, and duration decreases with repeated use. Aion has used magic resistance increase as a way of penalizing CCs, but it clearly isn’t enough. Even if resistance went up, leather/clothies are 1 shot. Even Mails/Plates lose half hp at least. Either give them a way of removing CC or nerf CCs

Written by elliot

December 2, 2008 at 12:00 pm

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